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Main Functions of a Pellets Machine

Posted by Flakeice in biofuel

The idea of using pellets as your preferred source of energy is one of the best things you may do to our environment. This is due to their eco-friendly nature and one can use them without fear of causing more harm to the ozone layer. The pellets machines are responsible for making this source or energy. The pellets are made from organic wastes and the machine will first crush the raw materials. The machine uses hammer mills to chop the raw materials into small particles. This is to make them finnier and allow easy pressing and compaction.

The pellets machines are also ideal for drying the pellets. The machine is supposed to reduce the moisture content to between 12-16%. This will allow the pellets to dry quickly and be used within a short time period. The other function is pelletizing. This is the real process of making the pellets which are compressed and cut into suitable pieces so that to make sure you get the size that suites your pellet stoves. The machine also cools the pellets. The process of pelletizing is undertaken on between 60-80 degrees. These pellets ought to be cooled to around 30 degrees before they are cut. The machine could also help you in packaging the pellets and incase you are making pellets for future use, them it is wise to park them in a dry cool place.

Here is a very good ebook site which is talking about it.

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