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Essentials of a Wood Pellet Machine for Sale

Posted by Flakeice in biofuel

Most buyers would prefer to acquire a complete wood pellet plant for sale to avoid the hassle of assembling the unit. This machine can be used to convert waste such as husk, wood waste, and raw wood to produce pellets which measure about 4-6mm in diameter. When searching for a wood pellet machine; one should take time to find out the necessary components of the machine and their efficiency.

A typical machine has a blower, a passive cyclone, lifting screw, bunker, roller, rings, and mixer which let water through. There should be a metering device, a cooler & sorter, conveyor belt for unloading the materials, and electrical cabinet. These are the key components that you need to be aware of. Apart from these, you should also have packing bags of 15-35 kg and control and measuring devices. This will help you with weighing and packing the processed pellets. It will also be desirable for you to get documentation package for the pellets.

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